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  • Hi krayjee, long time fan. Used to really get along with Tina from JR, do you have her contact by chance? Suki from Suko as well.
    Any recommendations for spas that are close to the subway? Looking for semi-legit (non-downtown)

    Thank you!
    Tried to message this but it wouldn’t work...


    You mention Gaga is thick. To be direct - could she be realistically described more as heavy or really just as having a bit more in thighs/butt?

    Is she working today at one plus one? If so, when is she in?

    As default guru of the GTA spas, your opinion, please so I don't waste any more cash !
    In your experience, who is the the best looking MPA with a really nice body - combined with super good overall session with tight, energetic FS.
    The owners describe girls on the submitted schedules on Massage Planet as young, "cute", beautiful, sexy, busty, etc.
    most are not as advertised.

    Mucho gracias,
    Sir. Respectfully submitted. You should update your description of Lulu. You've posted about her for 4 weeks at least and you have her posted as just joined last week. Discerning eyes will catch that and make unnecessary comment.
    Krayjee, I'm from out of town and would like to book a girl in advance so it is not a wasted trip at Ellagance. I would like young skinny relatively new to business but willing to provide basics. Any recommendations? tks!
    Wanted to ask when I was in, did you mean Jojo's service is better than Dara's in that she has open menu, high mileage? From what you hear Is she high mileage? We Clicked but don’t know if it’s an act so I’ll come back or serious. Never know, they tell you you’re the only one she does things with but every guy gets the same thing. Can’t post a review, it’s a massage site and you don’t want LE reading about it.
    Hi Krayjee, What's up with this crap I'm reading about the Korean Ashley, doing full service, and oral? Is it true? Or just a lie? I'm trying to save money!
    hi Krayjee, you know where Junia ( used to worked at moon dream) working now? can provide the details if you know . ty
    Hi Krayjee, Thanks for all of your posts and information ..... great stuff.
    My mojo is still in good form and I love a really good, long, sensual, enthusiastic, TIGHT, fuck with a good looking woman that enjoys a mutual exchange of pleasure for the usual compensation ? I'm not ugly..... or so I've been told, and size wise, certainly above average.
    Any MPA come to your mind that would be a match for my needs ?
    hey is lily at lulu spa there today for real? thats her in the pic?

    also is this the same girl that was at just relax with the huge boobs?
    Hi KJ, i started hobbying on and off from about 3 years ago. ive used this forum throughout and see your comments everywhere. you seen like a very lively interesting person
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