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  • bhai,
    Can you please send me suvarna thane new digits.. I have her old no.... But not responding.I am in this forum from last three to four but nothing working... Only visit i made was to shoba kandhiwali but she took my money and started drama.. So i left.. If you have some good milf contact please send.. I have only some old in active nos... If i find some new/good i will share to you... Please help.
    Hey Bro, can you help with the spa details which you mentioned with full nude services with erotic services and jaccuzi which was around 8K.
    Thanks in anticipation :)
    Thanks mate!
    Any 2, which would you reccomend for a n00b ?Decent ambience and neatness wise. I know its subjective and all,but your recco would go a long way!
    Cheers mate
    Hello Sicky,Can you suggest an MP in navi mum with sure extras?Would be obliged man
    There are a whole lot of them. If you are not looking for massage and only extras, Orange, Blossom, Graceful - all Seawoods; Amaze, Fusion, Riom - all Vashi. These are just some, there are many many more.
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