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Went to see the famous Selena. She wasn’t there but Lily was and she showed me back to a room. The first thing she asks is how long you want. Told her an 1 hour. She then asks for money. Gave her money, disrobed and laid on my stomach. She stared off with a back walk. Have never had this done and I really didn’t enjoy it. At this point she was still in her pink dress and after 4 minutes, that was enough. We proceed to discuss extras and for the 2nd time, she walked out of the room. She came back and was now undressed somewhat. She stared with a Bj and after a few minutes, I wasn’t feeling it with her. Everything seemed so mechanical. I tried getting more into the mood by touching her boobs, whichever are fairly small like my girlfriends. I reached around to grab her ass and almost missed. Not a lot there. Again, just like my girlfriend. Small sized for sure. To make this short. It just wasn’t working as she is definitely more worried about the money than pleasing me and making me want to come back. All in all I won’t be back unless it’s to experience Selina but I’m not sure that will happen as I’ve found another amazing woman that blows Lily out of the water. Lily is very cute and she does seem very new to the industry but come on!! Up your game girl!!!
Pickering Angels Spa
Pickering Angels Spa
Please feel free to call, we would love to setup an interview (905) 420-0320👄
I have taken time the time to explore this place on every level these women have made me feel relaxed. Sara , Miya, Angelina, Cindy, Yoyo these women treated me with their experiences and they do their best. I like this place they know how to treat their customers and that is why I repeat
Thanks ladies.
Dont forget discrete infestations. They are there, but you cant see them.
Home of the most DT's you could ever imagine getting. Cum one, cum all, but watch your parts start falling off.